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  • Image of Columbia Tradition
  • Image of Columbia Tradition

Columbia Tradition


This piece was created in honor of Brigette McConville and her heritage as a Warm Springs beadwork artist and fisherwoman. The floral imagery is a translation of Columbia Plateau beaded bags. The image of the salmon reflects Brigette's work as the owner of King Salmon Fisheries, and the history and relationship between Native culture and the river that sustained the Columbia Plateau.

4 color screenprint, designed, cut and printed by hand by Chelsea Heffner, owner of WildCraft Studio School.
Signed and dated
Shipped in a heavy cardboard tube

This piece was created as part of the larger grant-funded project "Harvesting our Stories", that paired 5 Columbia Gorge artists with 5 local farmers/fisherpeople to create a conversation around abundance and need in this area of the NW.
30% of proceeds of artwork sales go to funding the Veggie RX program run by Gorge Grown Food Network: a program that addresses health and food insecurity in the Columbia Gorge.